Ivo Knezevic

When I was eleven years old, my best friend and I shot and starred in a Super 8 knockoff of “Rocky” we cleverly entitled “Stoney.” After some successful neighborhood screenings, we sent a copy to a nationally syndicated TV show called Kid’s World. The show’s producers flew out and interviewed us for the broadcast and our little film had its world premiere on CBS. I was hooked.

Yes, on Super 8mm.
It was that long ago.

Since then, I’ve spent 20-plus years producing television, and digital content for a multitude of clients. I’ve been an Agency Executive Producer for thirteen years. I’ve run groups and scoped out and executed production plans. I’ve worked at some big agencies on some great brands that span the product spectrum: fast food, consumer goods, aerospace, cable TV, and online fantasy sports, to name a few.

I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great creative collaborators, and to work with some legendary feature directors like David O. Russell, Antoine Fuqua, Errol Morris and Peter Berg.

On the side, I’ve produced an independent film, a cable TV pilot, and some content just for fun…and with the same friend I made “Stoney” with all those years ago.

I love collaborating, solving production problems and working with budgets of all sizes. I’ve found that this new world of content and social media presents challenges but also makes every production more interesting. There’s always something new to learn.

I’ve been doing this a long time, but have plenty of gas in the tank for new challenges and opportunities.